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Universal Life Church

Universal Life Church of Compassion
"A Path to Conscious Living"
Ceremonies ~ Classes ~ Healing Services
All Occasion Ministers

Michael and Laura Anderson,
Reiki Master/Teachers, O.M.ULC
115 Thrush Ave.
Weatherford, TX. 76086
(817) 596-0550

We open our hearts to the healing wholeness of
compassionate thoughts and ideas.

Join us for:
Gatherings and classes for sharing, understanding,
and applying the concepts of Conscious Living:

Ceremonial Peruvian Shamanism Classes
With the 9 Munay-Ki Rites

After completing the 9 Munay-Ki Rites,
Michael and Laura Anderson, both energy workers, healers, readers and teachers, were called to Machu Picchu Peru. Their pilgrimage led them both to be initiated by Apu Putukusi, the Guardian Spirit of the area. They are now holding and teaching Peruvian Shaman classes and sharing the Munay-Ki Rites.

The Andean Wisdom is timeless and though it arises from the same universal source of truth as all esoteric teachings, it contains an eco-spiritual healing message vital to our times of global environmental destruction. Not a religion or philosophy, but a way of life that embodies ethical, moral, and spiritual guidelines, the healing message is simple: clear your heart, love deeply, harmonize your thoughts and feelings, align your efforts to do your best, and respect the natural environment.
Join our ongoing classes!
Thrush Ave Healing Center in Weatherford
Call for information at 817 596-0550

Universal Life Drum Ceremonies

Celebrating the change of the Season to restore and maintain Nature Spirituality.

We come together to drum in Prayer and Ceremony four times yearly on or around the Spring / Fall Equinox and the Winter / Summer Solstice. All are invited to attend. Bring your own drum, rattle, shaker, etc.., Or just come to listen. Call or email for dates and times.

Wedding Services ~ Ceremonies
Michael and Laura Anderson ~ All Occasion Ministers

Often we find that people of different faiths love each other and want a life together yet it is difficult to agree or please family members concerning a spiritual service of marriage. We write and perform special services for your needs and unique beliefs, or will modify a traditional service. We can also perform your service indoors, outdoors, or in the facility of your choice. We would love to meet with you and help personalize your special day. We also perform and write Ceremonies of blessings, rites of passage, clearing energy - any and all types of ceremonies to help or heal you.

Reiki Services
Coming together as a group we share hands on healing and long distance Reiki healing energy. All are invited to attend our services of healing and laying-on of hands. Our goal is to send energy and prayers to help heal the world, for those in need of healing, to help the Earth through the shift of the age, and to promote the use of Reiki energy in Ceremony. Call or email for dates and times of services.
Self Help Intuitive Consultations
Balance the Body, Mind, & Spirit

Intuitive consultations will help you decide the modality best for your healing needs: Reiki Therapy ~ Numerology ~ Essential Oils ~ Healing Stones ~ Drumming ~ Feng Shui ~ Biotuning~ Card or Rune Readings ~T'ai Chi / Chi Kung ~ Yoga ~ Past Life Regressions ~ Shamanic Journey or others. Consultations (readings) can help one discover a path to best begin their own personal healing. Call or email for information.
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