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Chakra System

The Energy Body And
 Chakra System

Our human energy system includes an incoming ‘ray’ of energy. The out glow of this energy is called our ‘aura’. We also have a ‘chakra system’ or series of energy vortexes that transmit this life force throughout our being. Understanding our Energy Body, and keeping it balanced is the key to a healthy, prosperous and happy life. Our Energy Body can be balanced and cleared with Sound, Yoga, Tai Chi, Biotuning, Reiki, Crystals and other alternative treatments.

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The Chakra System

When the chakras in our energy body are open and spinning properly we are healthy physically and emotionally. When they are blocked or flow excessive energy we become ill, or emotionally disturbed. When they are balanced our energy flows freely, and health can return. This is easily done using colored crystals and Reiki energy on the Chakra System.

We are beings of light and this light helps us to be healthy and happy. Like plants, we need light to survive, and we need this light to be transmitted effectively throughout the body. Our personal life force energy resides in the lowest Chakra, and travels up through the body and out the crown to connect us with the Universal Source. Sunlight and cosmic energy travels down the body from the head and fills us with life force energy.

The series of 7 main energy vortexes that transmit life force though out our being, or the chakras, need to be in balance with each other for a healthy energy system. This assists us to advance consciously and spiritually. Clearing them of misaligned energy is the first step to balance. To clear them effectively we must first understand them.

Each chakra corresponds to an emotion, a color, a sound, and one of the bands of the aura or energy field. Each has a basic concept and will give you an indication of the emotional problem you are dealing with. Below is a short summary of the seven chakras


The First Chakra - Muladhara is your support, where our life force energy resides. It is about survival on the physical plane. It is represented by the color red and is found where the body meets the legs.

The Second Chakra - Svadisthana is about our relationships to others, the ability to relate in an open, friendly way. It is the color orange and is found just below the navel.

The Third Chakra - Manipuraka (jewel of the Navel) is located in the solar plexus center. It is about our personal power and self-esteem, the color is yellow.

The Fourth Chakra - Anahatha is at your heart. It is the center of compassion where you feel forgiveness and love. It is the color green. It is the inner fire of the body. It is the gateway between the physical and spiritual world

The Fifth Chakra - Visshudha is at your throat center where the creative spoken word express itself. It is about personal integrity, standing firm in opposition, speaking your truth, and manifesting your destiny on the physical plane. It is the color blue.

The Sixth Chakra - Ajna is the center of psychic powers and higher intuition where guidance is received. Here we seek the truth and tune in to the higher self. Located a little higher and between the eyebrows, it is often called the Third Eye. It is the color indigo.

The Seventh Chakra - Sahasrara is called the crown chakra, the thousand petal lotus. This is your connection to the Universe and is just above the top of your head. The color is violet.

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