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Reiki Healing Arts

Michael and Laura Anderson

Sei-Chem & Tibetan Reiki Master/Teachers
Energy Healing and Therapy Practitioners

The Five Reiki Principles

Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, do not anger.
Honor your parents, teachers, and elders.
Earn your living honestly.

Show gratitude to every living thing.

        Reiki (ray-key) is a healing touch technique believed to have originated in Tibet about 5000 years ago and rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the mid 1800's. It transcends cultural and religious boundaries.  

It is a gentle, yet powerful path to personal and spiritual growth. Reiki can have a profound effect on your health and well-being by rebalancing, cleansing, and renewing your internal energy system, by filling you with spiritual life-force energy. Although there are different names given to various styles of Reiki in America, all Reiki come from the same source, the Holy Spirit.

Reiki facilitates the balance of the body and mind. Balance between the body, mind, and spirit is the medicine of the soul. Treatments by a Reiki practitioner are especially beneficial for caregivers, sports medicine therapists, and health practitioners. It is a tool to maximize patient care and minimize energy loss and recovery time.

Most ancient civilizations understood that a spiritual life-force energy flows through all living things and is the essence that gives vitality to form. A Reiki energy treatment can fine tune and harness our energy within for better health and the good of all.

Reiki Treatments

Emotional difficulties, illness, trauma, most negative life situations create blockages in our personal energy flow. When this happens the body is thrown out of balance and health problems arise. By removing these blockages our life-force energy flows freely, balance is restored, and health can return.

During a Reiki treatment, ‘Universal Life-Force Energy’ passes through the practitioner to the client where it works to heal on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. As it flows through the body, it opens, clears and balances the client’s energy vortexes (chakras) allowing the body’s own life-force healing energy to again travel freely through the body. It facilitates a calm deep state of healing relaxation

Our office Reiki Treatments are usually between one to two hours in length and cost $75.00 to $100.00 depending on what is included in the session. Crystal clearing, Hwal-Ki-Do Acupressure, regression work or soul retrievals are often used as needed. Treatments are most effective when you take time to relax after your session and enjoy the results.

<>Reiki is a powerful spiritual experience, enhancing meditation and self-healing techniques. While Reiki is not a substitute for professional care, medical or psychological, when used in conjunction with these treatments, it can have a profound impact on the client in the form of reduced stress, increased relaxation, and an overall improvement in the quality of life.


Why Learn Reiki?

A few examples of how you can use Reiki either as a "hands-on" healing technique, or by setting mental intentions are:

To facilitate healing of yourself or others

For personal growth, developing compassion and wisdom.
To heal animals and plants.
To heal relationships at work or home.
To send healing energy to world situations.
To complement and strengthen other therapies.
To calm yourself before stressful situations.
To protect yourself or loved ones while traveling.
To help you find solutions to specific problems.
To be blessed, guided, and protected.

The ability to flow Reiki healing energy is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master during what is called an attunement process. This ceremonial process opens the crown, heart, throat and palm chakras or energy vortexes of the student creating a more open link between them and the Reiki Source, the Universal Source of All That Is.

This Reiki Attunement gives the participant the ability to flow healing Reiki energy, allowing them to use Reiki on themselves or others. Flowing this healing Reiki energy comes naturally once attuned. This is very similar to adjusting a radio station to better hear the music. The Reiki Attunement is a powerful Spiritual experience enhancing prayer, meditation and self-healing techniques.

We offer three levels of attunements and training in Sei-Chem Reiki, and a basic Reiki practitioner course along with optional short classes on aspects of the healing arts. We also offer three levels in Tibetan Reiki Fullness.


Sei-Chem Reiki offers three levels of attunements. Level one deals with physical hands on healing, Level two with sending healing energy long distances, and Level three is for those who wish to become Reiki teachers. All levels include a certificate of completion as well as a notebook with handouts. Individual or group classes are available.

Reiki Level 1 is $150.00
Level 1 is the physical aspect of Reiki and allows you to flow Reiki as soon as the attunements are complete. The client only needs to be open and receptive to the ceremony. After the attunement, you will be taught self-healing techniques and how to flow Reiki to others. Reiki Level 1 is beneficial for everyone. It will help to purge your life and energy of negative influences helping you find your own path to your own personal spirituality.

Reiki Level 2 is $200.00
Level 2 requires the Reiki Level 1 attunement for qualification. This set of Attunements allows you to send energy through time and space. It is very self-empowering and an important form of protection when working with other healing modalities. You will be instructed in the use of Reiki Symbols, how to send distant healing energy, as well as taught grounding and protection techniques. Hand-outs include prayers, affirmations, and breathing techniques to use when giving or sending energy. Level 2 is beneficial to everyone. It brings a sense of empowerment into your life. It is beneficial to anyone who helps or serves the public; or those that would benefit from the protection of a steady flow of Spiritual Energy to enhance their own or other healing practices.

Reiki Level 3 Master is $450.00
Level 3 Master requires Reiki Levels 1 and 2, and a year to process, practice, and assimilate the Reiki energy. This set of attunements empowers you and allows you to transfer the ability to channel Reiki to others. The Master Level is used to be of Service to humanity and should not be taken lightly. At this level, Reiki opens us to the opportunities as well as the obligations of service to the Holy Spirit. You will be required to ask for this attunement level, show that you can draw and say the symbols, as well as use the grounding and clearing techniques. You will also receive the attunement symbol and information to pass Reiki on to others. You will receive the Reiki Master Certification.

Reiki Practitioner / Teacher is $250.00
The Reiki Practitioner class requires a Reiki Master Certification. This is a three session course similar to a short apprenticeship where we spend time working with you and teaching you how to do treatments. This is an optional class for Reiki Masters who are interested in developing a practice as Reiki healers and teachers. It also includes information on other personal healing techniques.

Tibetan Reiki Fullness Attunements are available only to Reiki Masters upon request.

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