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Oriental Therapy

Oriental Therapy or Hwal Ki Do

A Korean healing modality that is a combination of accupressure to open the meridian lines, basic body alignment, and works to take the trapped air from the body. This combination allows a rising of personal energy. Hwal Ki Do literally means energy rebirth and is a very powerful modality to facilitate personal healing. We often use it in conjunction with Reiki, opening and realigning the body, restarting the meridian systems just prior to channeling energy into the patient. Most treatments include about 15 minutes of each - alignment, acupressure, and intestinal message followed by 20 - 30 minutes of Reiki. After the physical Hwal Ki Do treatment, the client is more open and receptive to the Spiritual. Often if you have gas trapped in the body, pressing on the organs or spine, or closed off meridians, your personal energy can not flow, and even if you have realigned the spine it usually will not stay. They all work together and it is important to balance the body with all three keys.

Michael and Laura Anderson studied and were certified in Hwal Ki Do by Dr. Juhee Lim at the Oriental Therapy School in Irving.

We found Dr. Lim quite by accident. Although I believe that there really are no accidents, but rather important events that were meant to happen. We just don't always remember we had planned to have them in this lifetime. Dr. Lim  learned Hwal Ki Do in Korea but had been practicing in New York for over 20 years when she had moved to Irving and we found her by what I like to think of as an act of God. Her teaching and modality has been an enhancement to our work and very healing and life changing for us both. We feel honored to be entrusted with her knowledge.

 Laura Anderson and Dr. Juhee Lim, D.O.

Ki - Energy - Dr. Juhee Lim - (Translation from her original book in Korean)

Every problem we can win with energy. If the energy way is closed then people die. With healthy mind control we can win every health problem and we can overcome sickness. Every thing in the world God made, and made the energy to turn around the whole world. The energy comes from God and goes back to God. Everybody does not know that but inside the body energy is working. This energy travels on lines. Some lines are closed and can cause sickness. If you open the lines and make the energy flow it gives life. Everyone needs to learn this technique and use it - to open the energy lines. Body sickness can be avoided and peace can be with us. Everyone wants to have peace and hope but so many make mistakes because they have scratched the heart - but now one last time we make clean, beautiful, healthy bodies that life energy can flow through.

By making smart choices, wisdom judgment, wisdom talking, smart judgment, makes an open heart. Intelligence and good sense, knowing what is good and what is bad, what is true or what is not good for you - we must think about that. Clear thinking makes a clear heart. Good mind control is very important, makes us healthy. Since I am still healthy I give this book to the world. I share this technique teaching for everybody.

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