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Wedding Services
Wedding Services

Cat. No. WS-100

1 - Energy Massage and Therapy treatment
Wonder about that special someone?

Cat. No. S-101

2 - Chair Massage, includes energy clearing
Chair Massage, includes energy clearing

Cat. No. S-102

3 - Intuitive Consultations
Intuitive Consultations

Cat. No. S-103

4 - Reiki Hands-on Healing Session
This Reiki healing session is geared to your personal needs. 

Cat. No. S-104


5 - Distant Reiki Healing Session
Sending Reiki healing energy to client, time or distance no object.
Cat. No. S-105


6 - Biotuning Healing Session
Biotuning Healing Session

Cat. No. S-106

7 - Shamanic Energy Healing
Clearing and transmuting Hucha energy

Cat. No. S-107

8 - Educational Classes
Various Classes that are offered throughout the year, or by special request.

Cat. No. S-108

9 - Reiki Attunement - Level 1
Sei-Chem/Tibetan Reiki Class Level 1

Cat. No. S-109

10 - Reiki Attunement - Level 2
Sei-Chem/Tibetan Reiki Class Level 2 - Distant Reiki

Cat. No. S-110

11 - Series of 9 Peruvian Shamanism Class - Munay-Ki Rites
This Class series includes lectures, shamanic journeys, and the 9 Munay-Ki Rites of the Peruvian Shaman.

Cat. No. S-111

12 - Peruvian Shamanism Class
Individual class in Peruvian Shamanism that includes lecture, journey or meditation, and one of the 9 Munay-Ki Rites.

Cat. No. S-112

13 - Numerology Portfolio Reading
Numerology Portfolio Reading

Cat. No. S-113

14 - Numerology Reading - phone & internet
Numerology Reading - phone & internet

Cat. No. S-114

15 - Feng Shui Reading
A 'reading' of your home includes clearing the energy or trapped spirits, suggested cures and recommended rearrangements for better energy flow.

Cat. No. S-115

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