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Collection of Prayers,
Affirmations & Meditations for Reiki Healing

A collection of Prayers and meditation for healing and Reiki.

I believe that prayer is the most important vehicle we have for healing and changing our lives. The more convinced I became of the importance of prayer, the more I used prayer in my healing practice. Yet so often I would be in a healing session and could not think of a prayer, or would rely on the prayers of my youth that did not really fit the situation. I realized that often I did not pray, because I did not have any meaningful prayers to fit the modalities I was working with at the time. This led me to realize how important a collection of prayers could be to new age healers, those of us with only a small collection to pull from our past. So I offer this book to the world as a very small collection of prayers and affirmations hoping it will inspire the readers giving them a tool to use as a jumping off place in their own prayer practice.
Cat. No. B-100
Weight 5 lbs

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OM - Teaching YOGA
A curriculum for teaching yoga - mantras, mudras, pranayama, asanas, meditations and more ...

This book is dedicated to the Yoga class at the Unity Church of Fort Worth whose appreciation of my teaching style inspired me to organize and write down my class lesson plans. The Unity Class inspired me to be open and speak my own truth and thoughts about Yoga, to be an open channel instead of holding back in fear of being misunderstood as I had done with other classes in the past. And a special thanks to that one student who come to me after class and said, “Where did you get that? I need to take that to work! Is that your original thought or is that something you got somewhere?” My answer to her and to everyone that reads this book is, “I’m not sure, but nothing is new, I must have learned it or read it somewhere”! I claim nothing as my own, only that I am a willing channel for the information to come through and be organized for others to use. And yes, please take it to work and into your lives. I hope it serves you on your path in some small way. Namaste.
Cat. No. B-101
Weight 5 lbs

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Changing the Dream - Teaching the Munay-Ki Rites
A curriculum for teaching Ceremonial Peruvian Shamanism Classes with information that accompanies the 9 Munay-Ki Rites. Includes the authors’ journal notes and photos from their initiation journey to Machu Picchu.

Shortly after my husband and I received the Munay-Ki Rites of Peruvian Shamanism from students of the Four Winds Society we were compelled to go, without what we saw as reason or with an understanding of why, to Machu Picchu, Peru. There we connected to and were initiated by the great Apu Putukusi. We were so inspired when we returned home we began teaching classes and sharing the Munay-Ki Rites. Suddenly this book was writing itself as I began to put together information for our students. One of our students realized it could be used for the greater community when sharing the Munay-Ki transmissions and I agreed to develop my notes into a manuscript. Nothing in this book about the Munay-Ki is mine or new, I am an organizer. I have taken meaningful information we have learned from so many other great authors/teachers and organized it into lesson plans that correlate with the 9 Rites. What is mine and my husband’s are the journal notes about our amazing pilgrimage and the photos we took of Machu Picchu. We offer this book as a gift of Ayni - a giving back for the amazing transformation the Munay-Ki made in our lives.
Cat. No. B-102
Weight 5 lbs

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